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Some students, especially younger students thrive in online learning environments. This is due to them growing up with technology at their fingertips. Also, many schools not only provide laptops but require students to work online, even when in a traditional campus. Schools realize the importance of keeping up with technology and allowing students to learn with that focus in mind.
Course options – Most courses are now available to both on campus and online students. The benefit for online students is usually the flexibility that comes with when they can take these courses.
School options – It would actually be hard to find a school that does not have an online learning option available to students. If you find that your school choice does not, ask them if they have a referral to another school that does. Some states have many schools in their system that you can essentially get the same degree from.
Hybrid options – Another option is to ask about hybrid courses if the school of your choice does not have an online degree option for you. If you have the flexibility to go both on campus and online, this is a great option for you to self-pace yourself a bit more.

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