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Completing a college internship isn’t the same as it used to be. The infamous job board at your career center has gone away, but that doesn’t mean that online students do not have the requirement to complete an internship to graduate with their degree. Online internships are the new thing, and it is actually a plus. Why? Because most students will work hybrid or fully from home anyways. This gives great experience into new technologies and how to properly interact with employers and coworkers.

Online internships may be more flexible to student’s work and school schedules. Plus, it is a foot in the door at the company you are interning for. Many students find that they work for the company they interned for. These businesses are not always trying to find free help or cheap workers, they are looking for the next and brightest who can fit in, and that is what interns do since they already know the company and are prepared to learn from the ground up.

Staying with the same company that you do your internship for will allow you to focus on your studies and not job hunting. Even if it’s a foot in the door, it is secure, and you will be getting a pay raise from what you got (or didn’t get) as an intern.

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