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While many students are eager to complete their degrees in a timely manner at a cheaper price, many students do not fit into this category of online learners. Not only can learning online be challenging, but it can also be met with loneliness and longing for other student interaction and a face-to-face teaching style. Here are some cons that students report by being in an online higher ed program:
Connection – Not feeling connected to other students can feel lonely. Yes, there are chat rooms and online video platforms, but the normal getting together to discuss a project is not typical for online courses.
Fitting In– The campus can seem foreign to students who do not go to a traditional school. For example, if a student needs to get a physical book from the library, they may not even know where that building is.
Loneliness– Not enough teacher interaction is reported by online learners. Not being able to walk up at discuss a question or get an answer in a timely manner is a must. So, this can be challenging for students to not have a physical teacher in the classroom.
Extra Costs – Technology and price to keep it up is costly. Plus, many schools require up to date software or AI so that students can learn properly, and many times it is at the learner’s expense.
Resources – many students don’t even know where to start when they are working from home. If they have a question, many students find it difficult to know who to contact at the school to answer them.

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