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Graduate certifications are not as popular as getting a full master’s degree. But what are the advantages to receiving a certification instead of a full master’s degree? Individual courses for a graduate certification at a master degree level can be used towards finalizing your master’s program now or at a later date. One example for this would be someone who needs a certification for work but does not want to fully commit to a master’s program. Taking those certification classes first will allow a student to finish up their master’s degree later, if they choose to do so.

  • Generally, it takes 15 credits or so to complete (Four to five classes)
  • Completion time is normally one or two semesters
  • You can use these courses towards a master’s degree now, or at a later time
  • Saves money in the long run and can be better budgeted
  • Allows you to get the accreditation needed to get back in the workforce
  • Some employers see this as an advantage on resumes
  • Use as a skill set for now, finalize later with your masters
  • Costs will be half of what a full masters degree would be normally
  • Is considered a diploma, not a degree
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