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Staring at a computer all day can take its toll on your body. Restlessness, eye strain, body soreness and sedentary sitting can all lead to unhealthy students. Here are some ways to make sure you are working out more than your brain during the day:

Use a stand-up desk – Stand up desks are geared towards those who want to be able to sit down and stand during their work or study day. It is a great option to allow a student flexibility and a healthier work day.

Audio books – When required, many students choose to listen to audio books for class. Why? Students can then can run, jog, walk or exercise all while listening to a required book for school. This also helps reduce strain on your eyes after a long day on the computer.

Videos – Work out or stretch while watching videos. Videos are also important in online class. They are used as class materials and allows a student to watch all while stretching or working out.

Take breaks – Plan out time for specific classes each day. Know your limit and stop when you know you are burning out. Take a break and do something fun or creative to reset your brain for getting back into class.

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