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Why Your Feedback is Making Things Worse

By Management Tips

Feedback can be a powerful opportunity for growth in your company, but if done insufficiently it can be detrimental to progress. Leaders dread giving feedback, but your employees are actually craving it.

If you fear giving feedback, it will show. You shouldn’t be afraid to hurt your employee’s feelings. If your feedback is useful, constructive and well-thought out, they’ll understand where you’re coming from and take it to heart.

Don’t do it halfway. This feedback is important to both your employee and your company. You want to make sure it will have a positive impact.

Image via Flickr/Alan Levine

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What to Do on Your Lunch Break to be Successful

By Management Tips

Not getting up and stepping away from your desk during your lunch hour could actually be hurting your work performance. Instead of staying chained to your desk, try switching it up and doing an activity that could help you be more productive and successful.

Try using your lunch break to exercise. Whether you go to the gym or just take a walk around the block, getting the blood pumping will benefit you greatly.

Don’t eat lunch at your desk; share your lunch hour with others instead. Take the time to chat and bond with your peers, and you might end up learning something in the process.

Image via Flickr/Randy Heinitz

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How You Should be Managing Millennials

By Management Tips

Millennials have been characterized as stubborn and independent, making them difficult employees to manage. In a multi-generational workforce, it can be a challenge to conquer the miscommunication that can occur.

Understanding that millennials have the same goals and want to succeed just as much as you do is the first step.

Millennials are bound to ask the question “why?” When assigning work, make sure you explain the reasons for your decisions so that your employees will understand the meaning behind what they need to do.

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How to Get a Job ASAP After Graduation

By Resumes

Once graduation is over and reality sets in, you’ll realize you need a job – and fast! But getting the job is easier said than done, especially in today’s economy. With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to rock the job search and land a position in no time.

Start by making sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. You’ll need it for networking, which you should be doing both online and offline. Put your best foot forward to show people who you are.

Emphasize your important college experiences on your resume. This includes your relevant classes and extracurriculars. Rely on that experience in your job interview, since you do not have any professional experience to reference.

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Why Working Outside Can Benefit You Professionally

By Management Tips

Connecting with nature can often have a positive effect on your mood and your well-being. When you choose to take your work outside, you might find yourself being more productive and enjoying yourself more.

The outdoor stimulation can be a welcome change from the office environment. The relaxing natural habitat can help to reduce stress and focus more on the tasks at hand.

You’ll also benefit physically. There are countless studies that show sitting at a desk all day is detrimental to your health. But when you work outside, you’ll be more inclined to get up and move around.

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How to Make Yourself More Likeable

By Interview Tips

Not everyone is charismatic and likeable naturally. But by doing a few simple things, you can make more people like you and become happier in the process.

Look for the little things. Make it a point to say something nice to your peers every day. You’ll find yourself paying more attention to the people you work with – as you should!

Ask questions about people’s interests. When you talk to people about their interests, you show that you see them as more than just their jobs.

Offer to do small favors. When you see that people are in need of assistance, ask to help. Don’t wait for them to ask you; volunteer yourself to show initiative.

Image via Flickr/Sarah Reid

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