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How to Sound Like a Hero in an Interview

By Interview Tips

When you’re talking about yourself in an interview, the way you answer certain questions can mean the difference between getting the job and not getting the job.

Be prepared with your answers. Recruiters love to ask behavioral questions (a time when you…) so make sure you have a few good anecdotes to fall back on.

Don’t be shy! When you’re telling a story about yourself, make sure you mention the parts that make yourself look good. After all, you want to give the recruiter a good impression.

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What Not to Say During a Presentation

By Management Tips

There are a few phrases that presenters often say when they get up to the podium or the front of the board room, but they should probably keep those words to themselves.

Comments about the projector not working appear unprofessional and show a lack of preparation.

Also, starting by saying how nervous you are may seem like a good idea, because you’re being honest, but in actuality in turns your audience off. Be confident when you speak and people will be more likely to pay attention.

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How to Be the Most Likable Person in a Room

By Interview Tips

Some people just naturally have charisma. But while being irresistible may seem like magic, you can learn some of their secrets to become just as likable.

Learn to read people. Instead of treating everyone the way you’d like to be treated, pay attention and discern what each individual needs and how they want to specifically be treated by you.

Avoid small talk. Stop talking about things like the weather or traffic and turn the conversation into something more interesting and meaningful.

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Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

By Interview Tips

It’s easy for people to give the advice to follow your passion. But sometimes following your passion isn’t what’s best for your career and for yourself.

Your passion is difficult to define. You may enjoy multiple things equally. Instead, you should focus on what you’re good at.

Your passion may change. You don’t always love the same things for your entire life. Even if you love a job now, you might feel differently in five years.

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How to Improve Your Workday Right Now

By Management Tips

Sometimes it can be difficult to break out of a routine. If you’re stuck in a routine, you may wonder how to solve your frustrations and be happier in your job.

Start by smiling more. When you smile more often, you’ll trick your brain into believing you are happier, and you’ll be seen as a more positive person by your co-workers.

Take a moment to clean your desk. Clutter can be a huge distraction, and when you have a clean workplace, you have a clean mind.

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How to Grab a Recruiter’s Attention

By Resumes

Most recruiters spend just six seconds on a resume. That gives you very little chance to make a good impression, so you need to do everything you can to stand out.

Call attention to keywords. Use words that describe the candidate that the company is looking for and put those near the top.

Don’t call too much attention to your section headings. You don’t want to waste space on these, when other things are more important for the recruiter to see.

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Look for the Right Qualities in New Hires

By Management Tips

It’s difficult to know if someone is the right person for the job through just a 30-minute interview or phone call. The way to judge someone is by their character.

Look for people who have grit. These people don’t let failure get them down. Instead, they find a way to make it happen.

You should also look for people who can work collaboratively. No matter what type of environment you work in, having someone who can work well with others is always a plus.

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How to Keep the Upper Hand at Work

By Management Tips

When you’re in charge of a number of employees, it can be difficult to remain in charge. Try and keep all your work relationships fair and equal with a few tips.

Make money for your company. When you generate revenue, it’s an easy way to get a raise or promotion and show your value as an employee or manager.

Don’t be dependent on your job. Always keep an emergency fund on hand, just in case you have to leave the job suddenly. You might also want to consider having an entrepreneurial plan.

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How to Build a Great Portfolio

By Resumes

When you’re trying to find a job, it’s more important for you to show, rather than to tell. And the best way to do that is with a killer portfolio.

First, figure out what you want to showcase. Make sure you choose to include the type of work you want to get hired to do.

Think outside the box. Just because your desired position is non-visual doesn’t mean there aren’t visual ways to represent it. Include reports, bulletins, etc. to explain some of your processes.

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