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Years ago, the only option for higher education seemed to be a full semester-long course list. This kind of schedule made it hard for students who needed to work one or more jobs, any extra school curriculars, and time for friends and family. With so many universities providing exceptional online degrees, certifications, and courses to students, you may be surprised at how fast you could get through your degree.
Decide what is best for you – a school that lets you participate at your own rate, or one that pushes you towards getting completed faster than a traditional school that has semester-long courses that will take two to four years to graduate.
Do you need summers off as a traditional college would schedule for you? If not, think about taking courses all year round. By doing this, you don’t have to take as many classes at once and you usually can overlap courses less than you think.
Write a list of your hopes and needs and don’t waiver on those expectations. With the abundance of school choices, you will have no problem finding your right fit. Doing your research will allow you to make a top 10 list of schools and then whittle down from there.

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