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While so many adults are choosing to go back to school or learn a new trade that may require a college degree or certificate, an important decision is whether to go in-person or online. The good news is that you have many choices to choose from when looking into both online and in-person schools. Make a list and write down some of your wants and needs for this decision and order them in terms of the highest importance. Here are few reasons why many are choosing online degrees over the traditional brick and mortar schools:
Pandemic – Many of us are realizing the value of a better work/life balance, which typically includes working and studying from home. This also helps us stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Less Expensive – Typically, online educations have lower costs involved because colleges do not have to pay for the physical classroom and other overhead associated with this kind of higher learning. Most classes use computers in the classroom now anyway, so why not work from your home the same as you would in the classroom while saving money?

Real Education – Online education is considered real education. Online students learn the same coursework and have the same quality of education as in-person students. The only real difference is which way you choose to attend.

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