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Just because you are an online learner does not mean that your school isn’t there to support you. When is the last time you called one of your teachers or counselors to ask specific questions about needs you may have for completing school? Or, scanned through your school’s website or teacher syllabus in order to find out what they are there to help you with? Here are some examples that your school may be able to help you out with:

Scholarships – Check your school site, the department page and your state to see if there are any scholarships or grants that can help with tuition, equipment or other school fees.

Technology – Yes, you may have a school issued laptop, but do you need more? A printer or help with a phone? It is always worth an ask. Sometimes, the purchasing department at your school sells off equipment owned by the school for a low fee. Check their webpage to find out.

Counseling – Most online students never even talk to their counselor or know who they are. You should! They are there to help you. Don’t go through your whole education without looking into what the career center can help you with and specifically, your career counselor. Don’t just call the main number and talk to a fellow student worker, ask for your counselor assigned to you.

Therapy – This is very important. If you are feeling down, if you just need someone to talk to or guide you, find out where you can call or how you can speak to someone. Even though this is not always announced, each school does have help for students in need.

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