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Higher Education is being reshaped by online platform innovations. Now that the pandemic is ceasing to be such a source of conflict with students getting back to school, many are still planning on continuing with their current online platform.
Education models have drastically changed during the pandemic. Although many thought they would see a resurgence of traditional students wanting to come back to campus to learn, we are finding that this is simply not the case. Many institutions are doing their own amount of learning on how to fulfill these online education models and platforms. Money, time, support and effort has made a real shift in some schools who have not changed at all in the past many decades.
While schools have put in more money and effort into these new learning platforms, they are finding that it is costing them less in the long run. Not only can they “house” more students online, but they have less overhead than they would in a traditional classroom. Students benefit from this as well, since most online courses are cheaper than in person, the flexibility is and advantage and they get to meet other learners from across the globe.

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