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So, you don’t want to take out too many student loans, or don’t have the cash on hand to pay for school? FAFSA will allow you to apply for student loans, some grants and scholarships, plus all of the options in the list below. Apply for everything you can, and make sure to do your research.

Well, here are three good options to help you pay for school:

  • Your College or Career School grants and scholarships
  • Work study is a great way to get paid for working on your campus, or remotely for your school
  • Aid from your State: Check both the state that you live in and the state your school resides in
  • Grants: Grants are always free and you can look for these at your school, state, government
  • Scholarships: Like grants, but these are usually based off merit
  • Federal Government Aid which includes: tax benefits, AmeriCorps education awards, Foster Care youth education and training vouchers (for both current and former foster care children) National Institutes of Health, Indian Health Service and National Health Service Corps scholarships and loan repayment programs.
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