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The old stigma of online higher learning not being up to par, or the same as traditional learning has come and gone. Years ago, there was an unease when employers came across a candidate with an online degree. Was this a real degree? Did the candidate have to go through the same battery of classes and tests as a student that went to an on-campus degree?
These misconceptions went out the window years ago and that was even before the pandemic happened. Now, online learning is completely acceptable especially because it is so prevalent – and needed. Most learners need to be able to have the flexibility in order to work a job, raise a family, and be part of a social unit.
It is no longer acceptable to assume college students should have to adhere by a school day without any form of time to work or raise a family. Not every learner is the same and this is what online education promotes – learner uniqueness. You can be yourself, study at your own pace, have your own life, and dictate your future the way you see fit.
Online learning is not always one size fits all, however. It is up to you to decide if you would thrive in this environment. If you are unsure, it is perfectly acceptable to contact the school of your choice to get feedback on how they run their programs and courses. Also, don’t hesitate to ask if other students would be willing to reach out to discuss their experience. Last but not least, do your due diligence and research each of the schools you are thinking of possibly enrolling in.

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